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Idol Making

Months before the Durga Puja artisans (Kumors in Bengali) start to breathe in life in the images of Durga. Making of Durga idol is very lengthy process. Making a good and beautiful idol of Durga is very difficult and need hard work. This is done diligently and methodically by the artisans to create the most exquisite pieces of artistry.
durga idol making 2014


The basic structure of the idols of Goddess Durga and the platform on which the colossal statue stands is made by various shapes and sizes of bamboo sticks then imparted shape with straw and tied with jute string. Then apply clay on that structure to make Goddess Durga idol. Then applying the layers of clay, it takes much time because this is done in three steps. First of all clay solution where the percentage of water is high is apply to straw figurine, It helps to fill the crevices left by the straw structure. Then second layer of clay is applied which is most important among this three layer so it’s applied with great caution. Palms, head and feet which are separately made are attached with the main torso at this stage. Head of the Goddess made with fine clay creating each feature with great care and skill. After drying apply Third clay layer which is liquid plaster of Paris.


Pieces of cloth soaked applied on the joints of the figure which develops cracks after drying. On completing the clay structure the figure is painted with white earth colour before painted with pink or yellow earth colors. As per tradition the eye of goddess durga is painted before one week from the first day of puja which is known as Mahalaya. Painting eye and other detailing are done by the main artist. After that the idols of Durga is varnished. Hair made of jute is glued and then the idol is dressed & costumed and then ornamented.

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