Durga Puja 2023 Dates

Khuti Puja countdown to Durga Puja

Khuti Puja 2017

Khuti Puja countdown to Durga Puja 2017

Talapark Khuti Puja 2017 Sunday June 18 2017 at 12:00 am Venue Talapark (circus Maidan), Kolkata

Santoshpur Lake Pally Khuti Puja 2017 Sunday June 18 2017 at 12:00 am Venue Santoshpur Lake Pally Maidan

The ritual Khuti Puja is performed on the auspicious day of Rath Yatra

With Khuti Puja happening all over the city and dhaks playing alongside

Bhawanipur 75 pally is one of the eye catcher puja of the city for its innovative concept and celebration style.

Khuti Puja June 25th, on the occasion of Rath Yatra many puja committees in Kolkata, Howrah and several parts of West Bengal celebrates Khuti Puja or Pole

With Khuti Puja happening all over the city and dhaks playing alongside, the day marked the hearlding of the Durga Puja as is the tradition. In the family organised pujas, the day marks the beginning of making of the kathamo or the wooden frame on which the clay idol will be built.

Beadon Street Durgautsav organizes Khuti Puja ceremony

Around 55 residents gathered at DL Park for khuti puja recently.

“Though this is just the second time that our block is organising khuti puja we have taken care to adhere to all the rituals. We got a sal log decorated with leaves and marigold and have erected it in the middle of the park. This pole would be used at the centre of the pandal,” said joint secretary of DL Block Residents’ Association, Subir Chatterjee.

The budget for the 31st edition of their puja would be Rs 15 lakh. The pandal would be an imaginary temple and the idol will be adorned with traditional daker saaj. “Our puja would be inaugurated by a monk from Ramakrishna Mission on Panchami,” added Chatterjee.

Block residents of different age groups would be taking part in cultural programmes. “We have not invited any guest artistes as we don’t need any. There is so much talent in our block itself,” said Chatterjee.

khuti pujo

Pole call to usher in Durja Puja

BG Block Residents’ Association organised khuti puja recently in presence of residents of all ages. The priest chanted mantras and the residents helped with the positioning of the designated bamboo pole. Then conchshells were blown and coconuts cracked.

People had gathered in new clothes and some were engrossed in puja shopping-related discussions. “It is nice that people of all age groups have come forward to make this puja a big event. I have known some of these residents from the time they were children. Seeing them come over together gives me immense joy” smiled Ramananda Chakraborty, the priest who has been performing puja at BG Block since 1985.

He went on to offer puja to lords Vishwakarma, Surya, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva and goddess Durga, praying for a smooth sailing during the pujas.

The block’s puja this year will showcase Madhubani paintings. “We are also making preparations for our cultural programmes which start from Panchami. A lot of people are rehearsing for music, dance and plays. I myself shall be performing in a play and have been memorising my lines,” said Chandan Pal, the puja secretary of BG Block.

khuti puja 2016

Khuti Puja countdown to Durga Puja

In the 38th edition of its pujas this year, AC Block will build a miniature of the Jhargram palace, it was announced at the khuti puja recently. “We had read about it in a magazine and thought it would be ideal for the pandal,” said block secretary Debashis Pal. Their idol will be crafted by Sanatan Pal of Kumortuli.

Residents did not wait till the pujas to start with their cultural programmes. On the day of khuti puja itself there was music, dance and even an audio drama. Arup Ghosh and Manjusree Chaudhury, the cultural secretaries of the puja committee, confessed to have rehearsed very little for the programme. “Everyone stays busy with work, studies and chores. So residents will be performing individually today except for the audio drama, Narak Bash, written by Tagore,” said Chaudhury adding that a newly constructed room on the second floor of their community centre would also be inaugurated that day.

Priest Tapas Acharya said that a Narayan puja was being performed to seek blessings to perform Durga Puja properly.

Perhaps the most excited face in the crowd was Devrupa Pal, a four-year-old who was jumping around and enjoying herself. “We perform every year at the puja function. We generally dance. Others choreograph for us,” smiled her cousin Bansari Pal, a year older to her.


Pole position for Puja celebration

Former councillor Anindya Chatterjee and MLA Sujit Bose were also present on the occasion.

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