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Goswami Bari Gopal Nagar Kolkata

Goswami Bari – Gopal Nagar Kolkata

Durga puja with its ritualistic cultural and other dimensions , have been a topic of my passion since childhood . As a kid I used to sculpt tiny clay images of Durga for worship in my home . In my high school days ,with my intensive efforts and amidst strong opposition ,that small plaything fledged into a full scale Durgotsav at my home .Even now it is me who sculpt the pratima and sit down at the puja . Our ambition is “back to the roots”. Our pratima is traditional bangla daaker saaj pratima . Everything , including the saaj and the pata painting on the chalchitra is handmade in home . This year we celebrated our 9th year of puja . We stick to all the rituals meticulously and collect all items to be used in puja first hand . The list includes difficult items like waters of ocean , dew , all pilgrimages , Saraswati river . Clay from tip of boar and elephants tusks , from the courtyard of temple , kings palace and prostitute quarters etc


This requires meticulous planning and unbound enthusiasm all year round .

Bonedibari Durga Puja Photos

Kumari Puja in Goswami Bari

My friends and their parents come forward to lend a hand and that is how we have been able to organise this labour intensive festival so peacefully .

Today my parents and friends all participate actively in the festivities . The once tiny affair is now a proper puja .

Since we believe in tradition and also care for its revival,our methods are also traditonal as far as possible . The construction of the pratima starts in home right after ‘kathamo puja’ in Rathayatra . The eyes are painted on Mahalaya . The ‘bodhan’ starts on Shashti morning . In evening maa is awakened through songs and bhajans . Thereafter the main puja begins from Saptami . On the Ashtami morning we hold an elaborate kumari puja . Sandhi puja, the confluence time of ashtami and navami is also celebrated as per the stiuplated time with much gusto . On navami the homa ritual takes place . Being of vaishnava descent we do not offer animals in sacrifice . All the bhoga offered to the goddess is completely vegetarian .

Sindur Khela in Goswami Bari

On dashami , keeping in sync with the age old bengali traditions , Devi is offered a bhoga of ‘panta bhaat’ and ‘kochur saak’ . The final farewell through ‘boron’ starts in afternoon . After which the ladies participate in Sindoor Khela .

After the immersion of the pratima in Ganges we return to our home for shantijal and then feast on ‘machh bhaat, dodhikarma and siddhi drinks ‘ . This way our much loved durgotsav comes to an end for one whole year.

The plannings for the next begin immediately on that day itself ! And it is her auspicious agaman every year that keeps us joyous and happy all year round .

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