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On the day of Dashami final day of Durga Puja the most highlighted part is the Debi Boron and Sindur Khela just before the immersion. On this auspicious day the married ladies offer sweets and Sindur or Sindoor (Vermilion) to the Goddess Durga as a part of traditional ritual. The Debi Boron is a complete long process in which the ladies have to offer sweets, sindur and different other things to the idol of Durga.

attended the Boron Puja and Sindoor Khela

Bengali women Attended the Boron Puja and Sindoor Khela

They have to caress the face of Durga idol with the help of “Pan Pata” (Betel Leaves). They have to see the face of Debi Durga via a small mirror that is known as “Dorpon”. After the process of Boron they engage themselves in Sindur Khela.

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