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Dashami Date 2016 Tuesday, 11 October

Bijoya Muhurat = 02:17 pm to 03:04 pm
Total Duration = 46 Minutes
Aparahna Puja Time = 01:31 pm to 03:51 pm
Duration = 2 Hours 20 Mins
Dashami Tithi Begins = 10:53 pm on 10th Oct 2016
Dashami Tithi Ends = 10:28 pm on 11th Oct 2016

Dashami Date 2016,  11th October, Tuesday

Durga Visarjan
Bengal Vijayadashami
Sindoor Khela Sindoor Utsav

Debi Boron and Sindur Khela

On the day of Dashami the most highlighted part is the Debi Boron and Sindur Khela just before the immersion. On this auspicious day the married ladies offer sweets and sindur to the Goddess Durga as a part of traditional ritual. The Debi Boron is a complete long process in which the ladies have to offer sweets, sindur and different other things to the idol of Durga.

sindur khela

After a five-day stay of Goddess Durga on the earth, the Bijoya Dashami has come to bid her adieu. Dashami is the day when she sets out for Kailash, her husband’s abode, her children accompanying her. With a heavy heart, the Bengali Hindus will immerse the clay-made image of the goddess in the water and will be longing to see her again next year. The process of Bijoya begins on the day of Dashami, a unique part of the Durga Puja. Five days of the Durga.

sundori boudi sindur khela photo


boudider sidur khela photo

dhunachi dance by married woman

Also Called:
Vijayadashami – Dussehra – Dasara – Navaratri – Dassera – Vijaya Dashami – Vijayadasami – Durgashtami – Dussera – Durga Festival – Durga Celebration – Mahashtami – Virashtami – Mahanavami – Bommai Kolu – Dasshera – Navratri – Durga Puja – Mahisasura Mardini – Navarathri Golu Bommai – Navarathri Kolu – Navratri Golu Bommai – Navratri Kolu

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